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LGBTQ+ Holidays

At The Trip Designers, we understand that everybody is unique and that their reasons for wanting to go on holiday, the places they prefer to visit and the activities they enjoy doing all vary. What’s more, we want to celebrate this uniqueness and ensure it is written into each of the trip itineraries we create.

That’s why we are focused on providing an inclusive service to everybody, no matter how they identify, where they are from or the types of holidays they enjoy, this includes, of course, everybody that may find themselves within the LGBTQ+ spectrum of travellers. Should you wish to inform us of your preferred pronouns, please feel free to do so and our travel consultants will make sure to address you appropriately throughout our interactions.

For those in the LGBTQ+ community, there is unfortunately still a need to consider several additional factors when deciding where to visit abroad. Laws, attitudes, and behaviour towards those that consider themselves as LGBTQ+, can vary considerably around the world in comparison to those found in the UK and these are constantly changing. At The Trip Designers, we have worked hard, and continue to work hard, to ensure our LGBTQ+ travel knowledge is up-to-date and accurate, which means that we can advise you better on local laws and cultural sensitivities before you book your holiday. We use a variety of resources, such as Equaldex and the UK government website, to help keep us informed on the most recent changes in laws around the world. 

Thoughts to consider

In very simple terms, the world can almost be split into three categories of country. Those countries that welcome LGBTQ+ tourists with open arms, those ones that most definitely don’t and others that find themselves sitting somewhere between the two. This is where personal preference and your own levels of comfort come in, some holidaymakers would choose to only visit those welcoming countries whereas others are willing to choose those destinations where local laws (in some countries, homosexuality is still very much illegal) and cultural differences may mean tailoring behaviour to comply – for example, no PDA.

If choosing to visit some of the more conservative countries of the world, it’s important to understand the local laws and behaviour expectations to ensure the holiday is a success. Whilst LGBTQ+ activities in these destinations is technically a criminal offence, if public displays of affection are kept away from the public eye, you should have little to no trouble at all (straight couples, particularly unmarried couples, would feel the need to behave in this way also in some of the most conservative of places). Our travel consultants will be able to advise you on the latest information relevant to your destination choices so, before booking, you can have an awareness of what to expect.

If though, you’re looking for romance or a place where you can be yourself with your friends, family, or children then our recommendation is to choose those destinations that are ready to welcome you in. These LGBTQ+ friendly nations and accommodation choices will enable you to feel comfortable in the knowledge you don’t have to hide any part of who you are.  

Sometimes it’s the small things…

To some these are insignificant, but to an LGBTQ+ traveller, there are several ways in which a hotel can either create holiday magic and huge levels of comfort or put a damper on the whole vibe. For example, the automatic allocation to a twin room, the apology that only a double room is available, questioning around two people’s relationship with each other (brothers? sisters? cousins? friends?), provision of his and hers slippers or bathrobes, the incorrect use of personal pronouns, or the confusion of a masseuse as a same-sex couple walk in for a couple’s spa treatment. These small details can sometimes make or break a stay in a particular resort.

By chatting with our travel consultants, you’re helping to alleviate these potential issues and assumptions as we’ll pass on all relevant information to your chosen resort so that your holiday can be as enjoyable as possible!

What are we doing in the LGBTQ+ community?

The Trip Designers are proudly supporting Stonewall UK, a UK based LGBTQ+ charity that works hard to drive positive change both in the UK and around the world. The Trip Designers has pledged to donate a percentage of its earnings twice yearly to Stonewall UK to support them in their fight as we agree that LGBTQ+ people ought to be able to live their life to the full and be free to be who they want to be.

The Trip Designers is also an active member (one of only a handful of independent UK based travel agents) of IGLTA, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association. This global organisation works hard to promote equality and safety within LGBTQ+ tourism worldwide. Its members are made up of LGBTQ+ friendly accommodation providers, transport, destinations, service providers, travel agents, tour operators and travel media in over 80 countries. Our membership ensures we contribute to change in the world of LGBTQ+ tourism whilst having access to the latest in friendly businesses and communities around the world.

We will also continue to work in and amongst our local communities around the UK to support LGBTQ+ friendly venues, attend events and promote LGBTQ+ owned businesses and those who are allies within the community. Our marketing will include inclusive messages year-round and not just during Pride Month to help drive the message and importance of constant inclusivity. Whilst we are still a young company, you should expect to see us at more pride celebrations and LGBTQ+ focused events showing our support wherever possible.


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